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DiagnosisProstate cancer


20 March 2018


This poem is about a medical folder that was left on the side of the bed


I didn’t want to look

I didn’t want to view

The different scenarios

That could come into view


Their lying there

Upon the bed

Daring me to open them

To run around

Inside my head

To cause kayos

To cause dread


Once released out side

The box

No control to take

The knocks

The knives are



The wounds not


Just deep enough

To cause me pain

That I can live with

And get up again



The loss of blood

Not to great

The blood congeals

The scars don’t



The space where fear

Normally resides

Is empty now

No tunica can stop

The flow

No Compromise



A poem by Mal O’Donnell, prostate cancer survivor

Ely, Cardiff