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My Journey

22 March 2018

I sat in the consulting room

With my red socks as company

"It's almost certain you have CANCER"

Is what the doctor said to me.

There are tigers; there are pussycats

Mine is the aggressive kind

On hearing this, my world collapsed

I momentarily lost my mind

I'd been SUPERMAN, personified

Invincible - or so I thought

Everything I'd achieved

Seemingly, reduced to nought

Oh cancer, oh cancer

What are you doing to me?

I'm told I can't get rid of you

How? - do we live in harmony?

You're always there, inside of me

When I'm asleep, or, wide awake

It's as if we're joined at the hip

Being together, without a break

So - what's the point in having cancer

If not used in a positive way

Since then, my mission has been

To have men tested, for their PSA

I've done the watching and waiting

I've received Hormone Therapy

But - now the time has arrived -

It's onto Radiotherapy

Before I had Radiotherapy

Some thought me - rather superior

Well, now, it's fact, I can confirm

The sun shines from my posterior!

"You've always been a shining light"

A friend made such a remark

"Now it's true, for all to see

Your derriere glows in the dark"!!

A man bag may be the latest trend

But - my Leg bag is better for me

I take it everywhere I go

Without it - how would I pee? !

I have FAITH in those who treat me

I have HOPE, that a cure can be found

Those cancer research CHARITIES

Value every donated pound

I'm never alone with my cancer

I belong to such a big club

Living well to the end, is my motto

It's not easy - and there's the rub

But each day I see shoots, not roots

Things still make me laugh and smile

Diagnosis was eleven years ago

But - I'm 'Staying Alive' for a while.

“sits now May twenty 18
I’m on a road not travelled before
a Sat Navs no use on this journey
I have to keep driving and explore

I’m headed in another direction
It’s time for chemotherapy
There are tough challenges ahead
It’s both a friend – and enemy

I’m aware of the side effects
My immunity is compromised
And, – to try and prevent hair loss
A ‘cool cap’ has been devised

So -watch this space there’s more to come
But at the moment
This is my lot
I’ll work with my wonderful team
To give it my very best shot”

Keith, prostate cancer survivor

Find out more about Keith's Red Sock Campaign raising awareness about prostate cancer in Wales


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  1. Maggie Darling

    You are an inspiration to so many people…a wonderful example of how to live and deal with incurable cancer

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