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10 April 2018

My Gift To You

A poem about carers and the (often unrecognised) importance of their role in cancer survivorship. The poem is called My Gift to You– because friends who care and carers are apart of the gift we have been given the greatest gift of all life.


This timeless peaceful place

Washed over me

My mind set free

To say the words that means so much to me

Feelings kept close to my heart

About the present and the past

The doubts and fears I have gone through

That brought me to this Majestic place


You think of me when I’m not there

You wonder how I am

You care if I’m all right and doing well

Your gentle thoughts reached out to me

At a time in my life when chaos showed its hand

You helped to set me free

To talk about the things

That means so much to me

A value that seemed lost

Is once again restored


I really am so proud of you

The things you say and do

The times you’ve helped me

Battle through

You took the time to listen

To understand

You reached out a hand

To stop me falling

If I am down you

Help me up

And brush me down

With words and deeds

That helped me see

How much you mean

To me


You never judged me

And always understood

You make me smile

Allowed me to cry

The trust and faith I have in you

Will never die

The love and warmth from you

Who have been through so much

Means more because I know

It’s coming from a heart

That understands of our journey

Together and how much

We achieved


We have come a long way

Took on the big C

You are magnificent

That will never change

Family and friends forever

How ever far apart

You will always have

A place in our hearts


When you are told you have cancer you are reminded of your own mortality:– the first question you ask yourself is am I going to die: you can see that same question being asked on the faces of your family and friends– and so you take on this fight this battle you never wanted because you have no choice:

that’s what it is a battle for survival the road ahead is littered with pain doubts and sometimes grief: the uncertainty of the outcome invades your mind sometimes peace of mind is hard to find– amongst the drugs, chemotherapy and the surgery the things you have to do to win a fight against an enemy you never see.

I think we have all had those quiet times when it’s just you and your thoughts concerned about the outcome;


You soon realise you are not alone Mums dads  brothers sisters husbands wife’s  sons daughters family and friends are there ready to fight with you willing you on: some times it may not be a big army one or two people– but its still an army built on love and that’s what counts:

This is a battle where no one gets any medals you are all heroes: we get a medal every time a mum or dad gives us a hug or a knowing look or daughter or son holds our hand that bit tighter: and  when our grandchildren call out  the names the ones we love to hear Nan and Gramps or a friend text’s you at two in the morning and wakes you up to say I hope you are getting plenty of rest.

But always from the heart


Always remember it was you who help us fight the battle. We also remember those who have lost loved-ones: you should be so proud of them: their courage and your love for them is something that will burn bright forever in your hearts: they will always be with you.

8 months before I was told I had cancer I sat next to a hospital bed holding my wife’s hand for 2 days willing her to live she died we had been married 32 years one day Lynette was there 2 days later she was gone: she has been with me every step of the way: I miss her everyday and I love her to bits.


For over a thousand years people have been coming to this place, because of their faith, to gain strength or to ask for help and support in their time of need. My poem is a tribute to you; my way of saying thank you to family and friends for your faith in us, for your help support and love at the darkest of times: my poem is called My Gift to You– because you are apart of the gift we have been given the greatest gift of all life.


Thank you. For being there Ailsa Shirley Katherine