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UK Economy

The negativity bias in news about how public money is used affects our willingness to pay taxes

Posted on 3 December 2021 by Tommaso Reggiani

To meet the public’s preference for negative content. the media tend to overreport negative news. Miloš Fišar, Tommaso Reggiani, Fabio Sabatini, and Jiří Špalek write that this negativity bias in the coverage of economic policy issues decreases tax compliance. Conversely, when people are exposed to authentic information about the appropriate use of tax revenues, compliance increases significantly.  Why do we pay
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UK Economy

Intergenerational precautionary savings in Europe

Posted on 18 October 2021 by Serena Trucchi

The extended family can act as an insurance tool against adverse events. In our latest post, Francesco Scervini and Serena Trucchi document a new channel for saving, namely the effect of uncertainty in the offspring’s income on parental savings and illustrate its role in the framework of the COVID-19 outbreak. During the COVID-19 pandemic, household
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Digital economy

Investors’ Reaction to Cyber-attacks

Posted on 21 September 2021 by Onur Tosun

In our latest blog, Dr. Onur Kemal Tosun, Assistant Professor of Finance, gives insight into effect of data breaches on company reputation.
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Employment relations, Student experience

Assignment to Appointment

Posted on 8 September 2021 by Julie Sharmin Akter

In our latest post, PhD candidate Julie Sharmin Akter shares a career hack which might just make securing a job after university that much easier.
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