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Templar Lands and Economy Workshop

Templar Lands and Economy Workshop Programme 26 April 2014

Dr John Walker is organising a workshop on recent research into the Templars’ lands and economy in Britain and Ireland. The workshop will take place on Saturday 26 April 2014 at Blaydes House, Maritime Historical Studies Centre, University of Hull, and its purpose is to discuss the state of knowledge on the Templars’ estates and to consider the nature of the available sources and how to develop research in this area. The registration fee for this event is £10. For further information and a registration form please contact Dr John Walker at the University of Hull (

Finding a digital platform — problems

My transcription of the accounts of the Templars’ estates in Herefordshire is now on Wattpad . However, the final part of the accounts was initially blocked  by Wattpad on the basis it’s copyright material. According to the National Archives website, it isn’t restricted material (see ). The National Archives website states: ”You may quote or transcribe from Crown copyright documents freely and without formal permission. However you must give the document reference number and acknowledge The National Archives as custodian of the document” — which I have done.

Wattpad have now resolved the problem, but as a back-up I’ve put my transcriptions of the custodians’ accounts for the Templars’ estates in Herefordshire on to, and have attached the document which offended Wattpad here: Herefordshire accounts in TNA E358_19.

Estate records for Wales, Cornwall and Westmorland

I have put some draft transcriptions from the 1308-13 records of the Templars’ estates in England and Wales on to Wattpad, where they are accessible to all. They are the records for Llanmadoc (South Wales); Temple on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall; Temple Meads at Bristol; Castle Mills at York and Temple Sowerby (Westmorland, now in Cumbria).

Templars in Russian wine magazine

Back October 2012 Tanya Ashcroft, a freelance journalist living in Strasbourg, contacted me for some information. She was writing an article about the Templiers for the “Russian Almanac of Wines” magazine, and wanted to know about what wines the Templars produced, and what they drank. I found her some information, and the article came out — and recently Tanya has sent me a copy. When I get to a scanner I’ll put some of it up here …

New Blog

As my research on the Knights Templars’ estates in England and Wales develops, this is a good moment to expand my long-standing home blog on to the Cardiff University website. There is an RSS feed to that blog on the right hand side of this page.

This blog will feature information about progress on the project, and open-access documents will be uploaded from time to time as the project proceeds.