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Knights Templar

The Templars’ Religious Practice: new article

23 August 2018

 I’ve drawn together some of the evidence I’ve found on the service books, church plate and other decorations that were found in the Templars’ chapels when the Templars were arrested, and the salary records of the priests the Templars employed, into an article about the Templars’ religious practice from the records of the Templars’ estates in Britain and Ireland in 1308. This has just been published in the Festschrift for the illustrious scholar of the Templars and communication in the medieval period, Professor Sophia Menache.

Professor Menache’s work on propaganda during the Templars’ trial and on Pope Clement V will be well known to some of you who read this blog. She has also researched and published on the Jewish diaspora in the pre-modern period. The Festschrift, entitled Communicating in the Middle Ages, is a collection of research articles written in her honour by scholars from all over the world. More details on the publisher’s website, here: