Former Group Members

Former Visiting Professors:

Prof. Andrew N. French , Albion College, USA (visiting professor 1999, 2001, 2003-2004)
Prof. Michio Iwaoka / Tokai University, Japan (April-September 2008)
Prof. Umar Farooq, COMSATS, Abottabad, Pakistan (September-December 2013)
Prof. Atul Goel, CDRI, Lucknow, India (March-July 2015)

Former Postdoctoral Students:

Dr. Klaus J. Kulicke, University of Basel, Switzerland (postdoctoral student 1996)
Dr. Claudio Santi, University of Perugia, Italy (postdoctoral student 1998)
Dr. Sandrine Piguel, Toronto, Canada (postdoctoral student 2000)
Dr. Christian Becker, Universität Mainz, Germany (postdoctoral student 2004/2005)
Dr. Osamu Niyomura, Kitasato University, Japan (postdoctoral student 2004/2005)
Dr. Robert D. Richardson, Cambridge University, UK (postdoctoral student 2006/2007)
Dr. Umar Farooq, COMSATS, Abottabad, Pakistan (Postdoctoral student 2008/2009)
Dr. Azhar ul Haq Ali Shah, Bannu University, Pakistan (Postdoctoral student 2008/2009)
Dr. Sascha Schäfer, Universität Stuttgart, Germany (Postdoctoral student 2009/2010)
Dr. Munawwer Rasheed, University of Karachi, Pakistan (Postdoctoral student 2010/2011)
Dr. Fateh V. Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India (Postdoctoral student 2010-2012)
Dr. Ravi Kumar, Kurukshetra University, India (Postdoctoral researcher 2012)
Dr. Kenta Arai, Tokai University, Japan (Postdoctoral researcher 2013/2014)
Dr. Pushpak Mizar, North Eastern Hill University, India (Postdoctoral researcher 2012-2014)
Dr. Nida Ambreen, Karachi, Pakistan, (Postdoctoral researcher 2012-2014)
Dr. Mike Brown, University of Warwick, UK (Postdoctoral researcher 2012-2015)
Dr. Tomohiro Ichitsuka, Tsukuba University, Japan (Postdoctoral researcher 2016)
Dr. Ravi Kumar, Kurukshetra University, India (Postdoctoral researcher 2014-2016)
Dr. Taifur Rahman, Queens University, Belfast, Ireland (Postdoctoral researcher 2016-2017)
Dr. Xiaoping Tang, University of Southampton, UK (Postdoctoral researcher 2015-2017)
Dr. Abdul Alhadi, Cardiff University, UK (Postdoctoral researcher 2017)
Dr. Wenchao Gao, Taiyuan University of Technology, China (Postdoctoral researcher 2017-2018)
(name removed upon request), (COFUND fellow 2016-2019)
Dr. Mohamed Elsherbini, Mansoura University, Egypt (Postdoctoral researcher 2016-2019)
Dr. Donya Valikhani, Graz University, Austria (Postdoctoral researcher 2018-2019)
Dr. Ziyue Xiong, Queens University Belfast, Ireland (Postdoctoral researcher 2017-2020)
Dr. Huaiyuan Zhang, Lanzhou Petrochemical University of Vocational Technology, China (2020-2022)


Former Ph.D. Students:

Dr. Gianfranco Fragale (Ph.D. thesis 1998)
Dr. Urs H. Hirt (Ph.D. thesis 2000)
Dr. Lars Uehlin (Ph.D. thesis 2002)
Dr. Jürgen Haas (Ph.D. thesis 2003)
Dr. Matthew Cox (Ph.D. thesis 2004)
Dr. Maria Arrica (Ph.D. thesis 2005)
Dr. Shaista S. Khokhar (Ph.D. thesis 2005)
Dr. Stewart Bissmire (Ph.D. thesis 2006)
Dr. Danielle Browne (Ph.D. thesis 2008)
Dr. Batoul Ahmed-Omer (Ph.D. thesis 2008)
Dr. Sabine Altermann (Ph.D. thesis 2008)
Dr. Keri Page (Ph.D. thesis 2009)
Liwei Zhao (2008-2010, PhD student from East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China)
Omar Elhady (2008-2010, PhD student from Sohag University, Egypt)
Dr. Zulfiqar A. Khan (PhD thesis 2010)
Dr. Sohail A. Shazad (PhD thesis 2010)
Dr. Diana M. Freudendahl (PhD thesis 2010)
Dr. Bukola Ojo (PhD thesis 2012)
Dr. Umar Farid (PhD thesis 2013)
Dr. Kevin Watts (PhD thesis 2014)
Aisha Saddiqa, Faisalabad, Pakistan (visiting PhD student 2014)
Dr. Guillaume Marie (PhD thesis 2014)
Dr. Richard Edwards (PhD thesis 2015)
Dr. Alastair Baker (PhD thesis 2015)
Dr. Simon Müller (PhD thesis 2016)
Dr. Florence Malmedy (PhD thesis 2016)
Dr. Matthew Hutchings (PhD thesis 2017)
Dr. Ana Folgueiras-Amador (PhD thesis 2018)
Dr. Filipa Silva (PhD thesis 2019)
Dr. Jihan Qurban (PhD thesis 2019)
Dr. Tobias Hokamp (PhD thesis 2020)
Dr. Micol Santi (PhD thesis 2020)
Dr. Marina Raynbird Yamamoto (PhD thesis 2021)
Dr. Haifa Alharbi (PhD thesis 2021)
Dr. Nasser Amri (PhD thesis 2021)
Dr. Paulina Genzels (PhD thesis 2022)



Former Research Students:

Raul Montoro
Yan Gao
Johan Brandt
Simon Elmore

Former Diplom/MChem/Visiting Students:

Sandra Lanz (diploma work 1994)
Sara Häuptli (diploma work 1996)
Michele Leuenberger (diploma work 1997)
Katrin Probst (scientific coworker 1997/98)
Andreas S. Biland (diploma work 1998)
Martin F. H. Schuster (diploma work 1998)
Franz W. Bürgler (diploma work 1999)
Rachel Hector, Albion College, USA (visiting student 1999)
Andrea Studer (diploma work 2000)
Danielle Willsie, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2000)
Sarah Burpee, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2000)
Dr. Martin Spichty, Universtiät Basel (PhD thesis 2002)
Jacqueline Altermatt (diploma work 2001)
Amanda Boye, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2001)
Dominik Meyer, Universtiät Basel (visiting student 2001)
Crystal K. Ingison, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2002)
Sabine Altermann, Universität Kaiserlautern, Germany (visiting student 2002)
Carmela Aprile, University di Palermo (visiting student 2002/2003)
Joseph Heinzelmann, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2003)
Craig Streu, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2003)
Christine Richter, Universität Kaiserlautern, Germany (visiting student 2003/4)
Lars Tröndlin, Basel University (visiting student 2005)
Masih Bahar, Münster University (visiting student 2005)
Neil Forster, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2005)
Magalie Desaize, Univerity of Rennes, France (visiting student 2006)
Shauna Paradine, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2006)
Sara Simmons, Albion College, USA (visiting student 2006)
Jameel M. Zayed, Cardiff University, UK (summer student 2006)
Simon Kervyn, Universität Namur, Belgium (visiting student 2007)
Gesa Pähler, Universität Mainz, Germany (visiting student 2007)
Ruth K. Schmidt, Universität Münster, Germany (visiting student 2007)
Tiphanie Millet, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2007)
Tina Lohölter, Universität Bonn, Germany (visiting student 2007/8)
Frank Bohland, Universität Mainz, Germany (visiting student 2007/8)
Shazia Shakir, Cardiff University, UK (M.Chem. student 2007/8)
Ahmed Hammami, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2008)
Matthieu Perillaud, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2008)
Margerita Villegas, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2008)
Emmanuelle Viry, ENSCM, France (visiting student 2008)
Naila Choudhary, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2008)
Claire Venin, ENSIACET, France (visiting student 2008)
Azzedine Bouleghlimat, Cardiff University (summer student 2008)
Jesnie Barry (M. Chem. student 2008/9)
Guillaume Marie, Nantes, France (visiting student 2009)
Christoph Rosorius, Münster, Germany (visiting student 2009)
Aymeric Cervi, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2009)
Hobalah Bouzid, ENSIACET, France (visiting student 2009)
Clothilde Vivant, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2009)
Laure Hannebique, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2009)
Olivier Chabrand, Le Mans, France (visiting student 2010)
Julien Espace, Nantes, France (visiting student 2010)
Debasish Manna, IISc Bangalore, India (visiting student 2010)
Jacquemine Coquio, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2010)
Laetitia Baudelet, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2010)
Lena Albers, Universität Oldenburg, Germany (visiting student 2010)
Rosalia Di Lorenzo, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2010)
Elisabetta Rongoni, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2010/11)
Logan Audiger, Nantes, France (visiting student 2011)
Gregory Bonnamain, Nantes, France (visiting student 2011)
Pierre-Henri Belin, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2011)
Romain Claveau, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2011)
Malika Guerch, ESCOM, France (visiting student 2011)
Sandra Kaul, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (visiting student 2011)
Florence Malmedy, Namur, Belgium (visiting student 2012)
Teresa Sementa, Salerno, Italy (visiting student 2012)
Elena Gabriele, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2012)
Christina Mrosek, Mainz, Germany (visiting student 2012)
Marcelo Godoi, Florianópolis, Brazil (visiting student 2012)
Ana Folgueiras, Granada, Spain (visiting student 2013)
Aragorn Laverny, ENCPB, France (visiting student 2013)
Martin Söftje, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (visiting student 2013)
Fabian Uhrner, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (visiting student 2013)
Erika Günther, Potsdam, Germany (visiting student 2013)
Michele Burini, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2013)
Mohammad El-Sherbini, Mansoura, Egypt (visiting student 2013)
Ilaria Pitotti, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2013/4)
Samuel Attah Egu, Nsukka, Nigeria, (visiting student 2014)
Rebecca Niebuhr, Bremen, Germany (visiting student 2014)
Svenja Ehrmann, Berlin, Germany (visiting student 2014)
Alessandra Burrelli, Perugia, Italy  (visiting student 2014)
Marion Delorme, Montpellier, France (visiting student 2014)
Wilke de Vries, Münster, Germany (visiting student 2014)
Kirara Yamaguchi, Gifu, Japan (visiting student 2014/15)
Anne Fellenzer, Mainz, Germany (visiting student 2014/15)
Sébastien Guilbaud, Toulouse, France (visiting student 2015)
Micol Santi, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2015)
Célina Génot, Paris, France (visiting student 2015)
Tobias Hokamp, Münster, Germany (visiting student 2015)
Daniel Hochstädt, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (visiting student 2015/16)
Kai Phillips, Mainz, Germany (visiting student 2015/16)
Natalia Soldateva, Tomsk, Russia (visiting student 2015/16 and 2016, 2017)
Jonathan Marley, Cardiff (MChem 2016)
Yuri Fernandez, Cardiff (MChem 2016)
Anaïs Coffinet, France (visiting student 2016)
Agatha Pacuła, Torun, Poland (visiting student 2016)
Fatima Musa, Nsukka, Nigeria, (visiting student 2016)
Rosalia Insalata, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2016)
Alexander Uttry, Münster, Germany (visiting student 2016)
Thomas Ellis (MChem 2017)
Adam Long (MChem 2017)
Marina Yamamoto (MChem 2017)
Xiangyang Qian, Xiamen, China (visiting student 2017)
Jarno Poelakker, Enschede, Netherlands (visiting student 2017)
Laurence Botti, ENCPB, France (visiting student 2017)
Rossana Cicala, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2017)
Adele Iannelli, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2017)
Stefano Sdogati, Urbino, Italy (visiting student 2017)
Alena Storm, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (visiting student 2017)
Guilherme Martins, Santa Maria, Brasil (visiting student 2017)
Niklas Adebar, Bielefeld, Germany (visiting student 2017)
Saira Khatoon, Pakistan (visiting student 2017)
Frauke Weidlich, Münster, Germany (visiting student 2017)
Tomas Hardwick (MChem 2018)
Weronika Michalska (MChem 2018)
Matthew Tailby (MChem 2018)
Muhammad Islam, Multan, Pakistan (visiting student 2018)
Leonardo Mollari, Perugia, Italy (visiting student 2018)
Alexander Sandvoß, Münster, Germany (visiting student 2018)
Niklas Beims, Bremen, Germany (visiting student 2019)
Dominic Sear (MChem 2019)
Harry Smallman (MChem 2019)
Bethan Winterson (MChem 2019)
Lars Gnaegi, Bern, Switzerland (visiting student 2019)
Arnaud Osi, Namur, Belgium (visiting student 2019)
Shaun Jones (MRes 2019)
Simon Tippner, Mainz, Germany (visiting student 2019)
Alastair Holland, Cardiff University (2019)
Matthew Tailby, Cardiff University (MRes 2019)
Julian Spilz, Universität Bremen, Germany (visiting student 2019-2020)
Alexander Lees (MChem 2020)
Harry Ritchie (MChem 2020)
Tim Renningholtz, Universität Leipzig, Germany (visiting student 2019-2020)
Camille Sanchez, CPE Lyon, France (visiting student 2019-2020)
Pankaj Kumar, IIT Ropar, India (visiting student 2021)
Manuel Langer, University of Tromsø, Norway (visiting student 2021)