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Meeting updates

UEB, 19 March 2018

19 March 2018
  • UEB received a paper on a benchmarking group of universities for Cardiff to compare itself when reviewing The Way Forward key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • UEB received a draft paper on monitoring The Way Forward 2018-2023 and how progress towards the KPIs will be reported noting the use of a RAG methodology and timescales for the development of the full report.
  • UEB received The Way Forward 2018-2023 implementation plan. The paper identified the actions to support the delivery of the KPIs for 2018-20, including a high-level summary of the prioritisation of actions.
  • UEB received and approved the response to HEFCW’s invitation for expressions of interest for degree apprenticeships in Wales.
  • UEB received and noted the strategic estates update, this would now go on to Policy and Resources Committee.
  • UEB received a draft communications plan for staff and students on the USS pension dispute.
  • UEB received and noted the Brexit register, this would now go on to Policy and Resources Committee.
  • UEB received the draft Policy and Resources Committee agenda for note.
  • UEB received the draft Governance Committee agenda for note.
  • It was noted that there was a new EPSRC Future Leaders Fellowships call across all disciplines.
  • It was noted that the two day Research Impact Away Event had taken place with good attendance and the contributions of external attendees welcomed; a summary would come to UEB subsequently.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Student applications monthly update
  • PVC College of Physical Sciences and Engineering monthly report
  • PVC International and Europe monthly report
  • Director of Communications and Marketing Monthly Report and Forward Plan