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Meeting updates

UEB, 23 October 2017

23 October 2017
  • The Welsh Government’s announcement that tuition fees in Wales would be frozen at £9,000 was noted and that full details of the Welsh Government budget would be announced on 24 October.
  • It was noted that in a letter to the Prime Minister about harnessing science and technology for economic benefit across the UK, the Co-Chairs of the Council for Science and Technology, Professor Sir Mark Walport and Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, had included mention of Compound Semiconductors and Cardiff’s role in research and training.
  • It was noted that, despite the weather, numbers at Saturday’s Open Day were up on last year.
  • To raise the profile of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion it was agreed that each member of UEB would champion a protected characteristic and members were asked to advise Professor Holford of the characteristic they would like to champion.
  • It was noted that over 100 members of staff had attended the Professional Services Autumn Conference held at the Temple of Peace at which work was undertaken on how to approach the Transforming Services project and consultation on the new People Strategy.
  • UEB received a business case outlining the need for the School of Architecture to move to a single site, UEB approved the release of funds to conduct a feasibility study.
  • UEB received an update on progress against the recommendations and action plan of the Bhugra Review. It was noted that the paper did not capture the culture change that was taking place in the School of Medicine and that the next update to UEB should include case studies demonstrating this cultural change.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Chief Operating Officer’s monthly report
  • PVC College of Biomedical and Life Sciences monthly report