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Meeting updates

UEB, 16 October 2017

16 October 2017
  • The award of the Nobel Prize for Physics to the creators of the LIGO detector and the contributions of the Gravitational Physics Research Group as a key part of the LIGO team was noted.
  • It was noted that Professor de Leeuw had met with key representatives from KU Leuven and the Head of the Business School would be meeting with the Rector shortly.
  • UEB received Cardiff’s response to the HEFCW consultation on the collection of data for the basket of goods. This approach was a recommended by the Diamond Review, and HEFCW were consulting on the collection of data, to be collected annually using information from institutional websites or other published sources and provided to institutions to confirm its accuracy.  It was agreed, subject to some minor changes, to approve the response for submission to HEFCW.
  • UEB received a report on examining board decisions to students. It was agreed to endorse the proposed corrective actions and to receive a progress report in January 2018.
  • UEB received the UEB work plan for 2017/18. The paper details each member of UEB actions for the forthcoming year and would be updated in February 2018 and come back to UEB to review progress.
  • UEB received the draft Governance Committee agenda for note.
  • UEB received the draft Policy and Resources Committee agenda for note.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor monthly report
  • Director of Communications and Marketing Monthly Report and Forward Plan
  • PVC International and Europe monthly report
  • PVC College of Physical Sciences and Engineering monthly report