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Meeting updates

UEB, 26 June 2017

26 June 2017
  • It was noted the congratulations of UEB to Professor Pamela Taylor CBE, Professor Malcolm Mason OBE, Dr Alison Parken OBE and Wendy Sadler MBE who were recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.
  • It was noted that the next China Scholarship Council delegation had arrived and it was hoped that participants would have the opportunity to visit Schools to have discipline-related discussions with staff.
  • It was noted that Professor Damian Murphy had been appointed as Head of the School of Chemistry.
  • The visit of Sir Mark Walport to the University on 22 June 2017 was noted and his receptiveness to ideas, not limited to STEM, aligned to industry.
  • UEB received a paper on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) outcome the University’s achievement of a TEF silver award, an outcome that reflected the University’s position in teaching quality with an analysis of the results to be undertaken to understand how to achieve a better future outcome. The definition of silver is described as ‘delivering high-quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its students [which] consistently exceeds rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education.’  Some of the strengths highlighted in Cardiff’s submission included supporting teaching excellence, campus investment, global mobility, research-led learning, good retention rates and ensuring our graduates are work-ready. It was noted that HEFCE would be undertaking a review of the whole framework including the benchmarks in advance of the specification for the subject based TEF being issued.
  • UEB received a paper that outlined a draft proposal for a governance structure for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF) and an outline schedule leading up to the next submission. The structure was agreed with some minor amendments.
  • UEB received a paper with analysis of the University’s current market position and the recommendations made to improve home undergraduate quality and expand international student recruitment.
  • UEB received a paper on Collaboration in Innovation under the Strategic Partnership between Cardiff and Xiamen Universities. It was noted that the relationship between Cardiff and Xiamen universities had, to date, lacked any specific focus on innovation and the paper highlighted current activities at each institution and suggested areas where collaboration in innovation could be developed.
  • UEB received a paper on the new ‘Funders’ Rights’ policy and agreed, subject to some minor amendments, to adopt the new fundraising complaints procedure.
  • UEB received the final response to the Reid Review of Government Funded Research and Innovation in Wales and approved for submission.
  • UEB received the Beaufort Political Stakeholders Perceptions Research 2017 Report to note.
  • UEB received a paper on the Welsh Government White Paper: Public Good and a Prosperous Wales. A draft response to the consultation would come to UEB in September.
  • It was noted that, at what was his last meeting, the best wishes of UEB were extended to Mr Davies for a long and happy retirement and the Vice-Chancellor conveyed his thanks for Mr Davies’ long service to the University and for his successful efforts and prudent management.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Safety and staff well-being six monthly update
  • Innovation Buildings and Public Realm update
  • University Research Institutes quarterly report
  • Chief Operating Officer’s monthly report
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor monthly report
  • Innovation System update
  • Research and innovation monthly update
  • Engagement activities monthly update
  • HR dashboard quarterly report