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EU grant landmark passed

14 March 2017
VIPs at EU event

I am delighted to note that we have passed a significant landmark in our drive to establish collaborative research activities with partners around Europe and the world.

The Vice-Chancellor opened an event at the Hadyn Ellis Building on 9 March to showcase our EU and International research, and celebrate receiving our 50th grant from the EU’s flagship research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

That makes a total of £24.5m to date for this University from Horizon 2020 since it started in 2014.

It’s a credit to our researchers and the efforts of professional services staff in supporting those bids.

In fact, since August we’ve submitted applications worth £79m to Horizon 2020, and we should continue to apply because there are still many opportunities, as we heard at our event.

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh at EU event

Some of our successful applicants – including our 50th successful Horizon 2020 grant recipient Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh, from the School of Psychology – explained how their meaningful work was promoting excellent science and helping tackle some of the major challenges facing society.

Global opportunities unrelated to the EU were also highlighted, including international-focused funds such as the Global Challenges Research Fund, the Newton Fund and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Audience at EU event

I’d like to say a big thank you to European and International Research Office Manager Nick Bodycombe and many colleagues for organising such a successful event.

The take home message was that we should keep applying for research funding, EU-related or otherwise. Whatever lies ahead, there can be no let up in our efforts.