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Adjustment and Clearing

Part of my portfolio is to ensure that the university admits the appropriate number of home and international, undergraduate and postgraduate students with people who will benefit from a Cardiff University education. While we admit the majority of our students through the main application process we also use Adjustment and Clearing for some of our places. It’s an incredibly important time both for potential students and for us.  It is also extremely busy.  Clearing students will phone several universities, often all Russell Group, and then decide which one interests them most before submitting their application in the evening.  Others have better A-levels than they expected and they are looking to ‘adjust’ to a course they did not think that they were eligible for.

Last year I visited the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences confirmation and clearing call centre on A-Level results day. The staff in the call centre worked tirelessly to ensure that applicants received the best possible support at a very stressful time for themselves and their families.  Staff’s knowledge and understanding of the University and student experience was vital to the smooth running of the call centre and I look forward to an even bigger, University wide operation this year.  If you are a member of staff then please consider volunteering your time at this hugely busy and important time for the University.