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Yammer – encouraging creativity and curiosity

24 May 2016

This week we are launching Yammer to staff, our new collaboration tool which has the potential to transform how we work and learn. With over 6,000 staff working over two main campuses and across Wales, it will help us to better connect with colleagues who share common professional or research interests.

I’ve been using Yammer since the beginning of this year and have seen how it encourages innovation. Our department has a Yammer group which has replaced the need for a newsletter, not only have we got to know each other better, but we have worked online to share ideas and get feedback in a collaborative space. I have also seen great examples across the University of staff sharing and providing answers to questions in a very efficient, insightful and creative way.

Yammer encourages openness and transparency and has the potential to enhance our innovative culture. Increasing the interactions and sharing of knowledge between researchers, lecturers and staff will help us learn from each other and encourage creativity and curiosity. I would like to encourage all staff to have a voice on Yammer, and share ideas, knowledge and information.