Meeting updates

UEB 2 November 2015

  • UEB received a paper on the trial workload tariffs. It was noted that the pilot Schools involved with the trial tariffs had advised allowing room to flex between the categories could work.  Once fully implemented would mean that the TRAC survey could eventually be removed. It was agreed that further discussions with the College PVCs around the detail and an updated paper would be received by UEB.
  • It was noted that the Westminster launch of the URIs was taking place later that day with a speech by the Secretary of State for Wales, the Rt Hon Stephen Crabb.
  • It was noted the formal launch of Y Lab by Leighton Andrews, AM, was taking place on 3 November.
  • It was noted that Cardiff University had been chosen as the winner of the Living Wage Champion Awards for 2015 for the Wales region and Professor Treasure had collected the award, on behalf of the University, earlier.
  • UEB received a paper outlining revised procedures for approving University Companies and Commercial Enterprises. The new structure would now be recommended to Council for their approval.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Estates projects updates.
  • External Environment update from Planning.
  • PVC Student Experience and Academic Standards Monthly Report.