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Paying the Living Wage

3 November 2014

Earlier this week I met two members of staff, Wayne Jacobs and Sue Rogers. Not unusual for a Chief Operating Officer you might think but Wayne and Sue are two of over 150 staff to have benefited from a major shift in University policy. Fresh from a nightshift, the two University cleaners joined the Vice-Chancellor and members of Citizens Wales to celebrate the University becoming an accredited Living Wage employer. It means all people who work here, regardless of whether they are University employees or employed by third-party contractors and suppliers, receive a minimum hourly wage significantly higher than the national minimum wage. As the Vice-Chancellor said, we believe it’s a matter of basic fairness that people get a wage which is enough to live on. Paying the Living Wage is the right decision for our staff and an important opportunity for us to recognise and appreciate their work. To find out more go to: