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Wellcome Open Research – an innovative Open Access platform for research outputs

26 October 2017

Launched in November 2016, Wellcome Open Research provides an innovative platform for Wellcome-funded researchers to rapidly publish any results they think are worth sharing.

Now ISSF-funded researchers can also publish in Wellcome Open Research. Wellcome Open Research differs from the traditional publishing model – in addition to publishing research articles, the platform allows authors to share research outputs that they can’t necessarily do in a traditional journal. The fully Open Access content includes a mix of research articles and other outputs such as software tools, methods, protocols and data notes.

The research outputs are published immediately with no editorial bias, and then followed by an author-led, transparent peer review process. All publishing costs are centrally funded by Wellcome. Subject areas to date include cell biology, neuroscience, genetics and genomics, infectious diseases, public health, social science and humanities.

More information is available on the Wellcome Open Research site. You can also contact the Open Access team for further details.

Wellcome Open Research