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Cardiff University signs the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)

13 November 2019


Cardiff University announced today that they have signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and are committed to the adoption of its recommendations.

DORA’s recommendations call for institutions to:

“Be explicit about the criteria used to reach hiring, tenure, and promotion decisions, clearly highlighting, especially for early-stage investigators, that the scientific content of a paper is much more important than publication metrics or the identity of the journal in which it was published.

For the purposes of research assessment, consider the value and impact of all research outputs (including datasets and software) in addition to research publications, and consider a broad range of impact measures including qualitative indicators of research impact, such as influence on policy and practice.”

Over the past year, a working group chaired by Professor Claire Gorrara, University Dean for Research Environment and Culture, identified what the University needed to do to implement the DORA principles, and has come up with a detailed action plan to ensure the University’s alignment with DORA. The University has appointed a Responsible Research Assessment Officer, Karen Desborough, who will support the implementation of the DORA action plan. This will include the delivery of training and information sessions around responsible research assessment, and monitoring adherence to DORA principles. The post is funded by Cardiff University’s Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund.

Professor Kim Graham Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and Enterprise said: “By signing the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), Cardiff University confirms its commitment to ensuring that research outcomes are assessed based on their own merit, avoiding use of research metrics. It also confirms our commitment to recognising the diverse suite of research outcomes generated by our research community when making funding, recruitment and promotion decisions.  Our commitment to DORA reflects the importance we place on inclusive research and team science, aligned to our wish to support and enhance the career opportunities of all our staff, at all stages in their careers.”