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Postgraduate students – we are all ears!

5 March 2018


Influence the future of your libraries today. Let us know your views online or in our sites by 18th March **now extended to March 29th!** and enter a draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher and other sweet prizes! What is it like to use our services as a masters or research postgraduate?

How are we doing? What would you like to see? Where are we falling short?

Visit: (English), or (yn Gymraeg).

Connect with us: #postgradlibrary @cardiffunilib

Meet your cover stars – the rescued pets who made this possible:

* The little street kitten Stranger Danger started visiting in the Summer of 2015, he originally called late at night with his ‘MRRRROOOOWWW!’. Fast forward to November 2015 and he still visited, this time twice daily for food. The nights were drawing in and after much effort to try and locate his owners (a cat that chatty must have an owner – right?) a little bed was set up on the doorstep and broke Becky’s heart every morning when she looked out of the blinds and there he was – fast asleep. That was it, they scooped him up and made the essential vet appointment. Two years on and Stranger Danger still follows Becky around like her little shadow. He adores his cat friend Keesa and still has his big and proud ‘MRRRROOOOWWW!’. Stranger Danger is the cat who chose his owners and they had no say in the matter. He made a good choice.

** Barkley the dog was born [unknown], raised [unknown] and abandoned ~5 years later on a busy A road near Newport. She likes sleeping, eating or both. She does what she wants. This is her first marketing role that we know of.