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Knights Templar

The accounts for the Templars’ estates in Shropshire and Staffordshire, 1308-9 and 1311-13

3 November 2015

Shrops and Staffs years 1 to 2 — TNA E 358-20 rot 5 agreed to E 358-18 rot 4  Shrops and Staffs years 5 to 7 –TNA E 358-19 rot 36 agreed to E 358-18 rot 54 complete

As I have completed my transcriptions of the enrolled accounts for the Templars’ estates in Shropshire and Staffordshire, I am posting them here so that readers can see what there is. There are two copies of each set of accounts, one clearly produced later than the other with various updates and references to later accounts; the attached files have been checked to both versions of each account. The text is in abbreviated Latin, but I have added some notes to bring out particular points. Note that the royal custodian sold off the majority of the livestock during the first year, and the workforce who had cared for the stock were also laid off. The farms were turned over entirely to grain, and only the teams of ploughmen, harrowers, carters, the maid or other servant who made potage for the farmworkers and the bailiff at each manor was kept on to work each estate. At the end of the final account the royal custodian sold off all the livestock and moveables before the estates were handed over to the Hospitallers.


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