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The Knight Templar were not an underground order

Posted on 9 March 2017 by Helen Nicholson

in any sense of the word: But the Templars did have lots of lovely chapels above ground. Blog post coming up soon.

Tithes — when the Templars weren’t exempt

Posted on 20 January 2016 by Helen Nicholson

One of the Templars' most famous and notorious exemptions was not having to pay tithes (a tenth of income, paid to the Church). This was a particular complaint against the […]

Women workers on the Templars’ estates

Posted on 19 January 2016 by Helen Nicholson

A quick glance through the accounts of the Templars' estates while they were in King Edward II's hands suggests that there were very few women employed. The cook who made […]

A medieval (horse) tragedy in Shropshire

Posted on 13 January 2016 by Helen Nicholson

Alas! In 1311-12 one of the two affers or draught animals at the Templars' commandery at Lydley in Shropshire fell ill with quodam morbo in nervis, an unidentified disease of […]

Finding Henry – the Templars in Britain after July 1311

Posted on 2 December 2015 by Helen Nicholson

After the Order of the Temple was dissolved in Britain in July 1311, the Templars were sent to monasteries to do penance for their alleged sins. As no monastery received […]

The accounts for the Templars’ estates in Shropshire and Staffordshire, 1308-9 and 1311-13

Posted on 3 November 2015 by Helen Nicholson

Shrops and Staffs years 1 to 2 -- TNA E 358-20 rot 5 agreed to E 358-18 rot 4  Shrops and Staffs years 5 to 7 --TNA E 358-19 rot […]