Guest posts

Applying through Clearing

Posted on 4 Awst 2021 by sophiehenshall

Clearing is something many students have to go through, over 70,000 applied through clearing in 2020, and something I wish was told more was: applying through clearing doesn’t make you a bad student! I was personally nervous if people found out I was going through clearing or what they would think, but the very first
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My Clearing Experience

Posted on 3 Awst 2021 by Abbie

What is Clearing? And what was my personal experience with the process? University is essentially a big step to take and finding yourself in a position where you have decided to go through Clearing, is daunting. So, what is Clearing? Clearing is where universities fill up any spaces left on their courses. There are many
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Blended learning

Posted on 10 Mai 2021 by Joy

Remote learning has introduced the use of Padlet, which is a digital tool that acts as a discussion board for students and staff. In the School of Pharmacy for example, under a Unit within a module, there is a Padlet board where students can post questions, for staff to answer. I have found this particularly
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Blended Learning

Posted on 19 Ebrill 2021 by Emma

This academic year has been different than previous years due to blended learning being put in place. Although in my opinion in-person teaching can’t be replaced by online learning, integrating these two methods has its benefits. One of the main advantages of blended learning has definitely been its flexibility. With most lectures being online, they
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My Views on Blended Learning

Posted on 19 Ebrill 2021 by Louise

The blended learning approach adopted by the University in response the COVID-19 pandemic has provided many unanticipated benefits to my learning experience. I have developed and improved many skills, such as time management, communication, teamwork, and note-taking. I have actually found it easier to concentrate and engage with live online lectures compared to the traditional
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Studying at a Spanish University

Posted on 15 Tachwedd 2019 by Angharad

Ask any language graduate about the pinnacle of their degree, and the answer will undoubtedly be the infamous Year Abroad.  I still pinch myself every day over the fact that my own Year Abroad has indeed begun, that I can say I now study at the Universidad de Granada. The experience has been so far
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7 Tips for Clearing

Posted on 1 Awst 2019 by Ayten

It has been about a year now since I went through the most stressful day of my life, results day. I remember waking up at 8am and seeing the email from my first-choice university giving me the dreadful news that I didn’t get in. I did not have a second choice, so I knew I
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