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Valencia – The Perfect Place to Get Fit

26 December 2016

Sports activities are an important part of Spanish lifestyle. The climate makes it possible to practice anything from ice-skating, football to beach volley and surfing. We all know that food and celebrations are the essence of Mediterranean culture. However, when you come to Spain (or any other country in Southern Europe for that matter), you find that most people practice at least one sport in their spare time.

During my first days in Valencia I was very eager to explore this beautiful city, which is why I walked around the beach and El Jardín del Turia (a very big and famous park in Valencia). As I was admiring the scenery, I noticed that many people were going out for a jog or were using bicycles as a main means of transport. Actually, there is public transport service called Valenbici, which works in the following way: you buy a ticket or a rechargeable card at one of the stations and the system unlocks a bike for you, after which you can use it to reach the station closest to your destination (and leave it there). I find this truly fascinating and I believe it is a good way to promote both a healthier lifestyle and a more eco-friendly way of moving around. However, there are also a lot of people who prefer the option of buying or renting a bicycle and there are quite a few places that offer those services.

bici valencia-sport-1560782

One of the things I love about Valencia is that it has a high percentage of students and young people. Apart from making me feel like home, this fact contributes to the development of many different types of sports. Even when the weather conditions are not favorable, people gather to have fun and practice their favorite sports activity. Here are some pictures I took along the way:

valencia-sport-1560803 valencia-sport-1560804 valencia-sport-1560802

When it is warmer, the beach is buzzing with activity even in the early hours of the morning…but, I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this beautiful sky with their own eyes!

valencia-sport-1560607 valencia-sport-1560904 valencia-sport-1560909 valencia-sport-1570067

Some people go for a more relaxed way of keeping fit. If you want to clear your mind of the stress and everyday problems, then you should go and strengthen your body and soul with those guys:

valencia-sport-1570098 valencia-sport-1570099 valencia-sport-1570107

Others prefer the adrenaline rush. If you are one of them, be sure that you will find something for your taste in Valencia. One of the most popular activities is surfing, which certainly looks cool to me!


In some of my previous blog posts for Cardiff University I have talked a lot about La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, one of my favorite places in the whole city. Every time I go there, I am fascinated by this architectural masterpiece. As I live very close to La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, I visit it quite often and I have seen it during the night, when the lights are on and everything is magically reflected in the water. In the summer, you can get on a small boat and row across the complex in exchange for a small charge.


As you can see, Valencia offers a great variety of activities to keep you fit, healthy and active. The city is bustling with life and is definitely worth visiting!


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