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The Trips Continue

26 December 2016

Alicante was my weekend get-away for last week. My flatmate, two other Italian friends and I caught the 9 am bus on Saturday morning and arrived at our destination in just over two hours. As it was raining, we entered one of the first bakeries we saw and we talked over a cup of coffee for a while. Fortunately, the weather got better, so we headed towards the famous Castillo de Santa Barbara. The view from the castle walls is something that could hardly be described in words. You can see the whole city, the beautiful beach with the palm trees and colorful houses surrounding it as well as the marina. Warning!! The pictures might take your breath! 15492362_1563102923705753_4896516831107750_n 15541172_1563103913705654_6569925663264470315_n 15541254_1563101777039201_2075312985551688470_n 15589746_1563101390372573_1351029531520015791_n 15622394_1563102980372414_8009150014357775619_n 15622401_1563102803705765_3478962056934833255_n 15578785_1563102863705759_1054280539448038279_n 15590557_1563102120372500_2678328080684504304_n

I think we spent more than an hour and a half admiring the view and taking selfies:


After that it was time to continue with our walk around Alicante, so we went down to the beach alley. At that point the sun had come up as well, so we were extremely lucky and happy. To be honest, it was hard to feel the Christmas spirit:

15578775_1563105613705484_3948447445272128076_n 15590535_1563105727038806_394443869008848795_n 15665675_1563105663705479_995364956313699633_n

Our journey ended with a walk around the city centre and the most picturesque neighborhood of Alicante – Barrio de Santa Cruz. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to visit La Plaza de Toros. There is one in almost every city in Spain, but each Plaza de Toros has its unique characteristics:

15578849_1563104607038918_6905747151078244829_n 15621616_1563105970372115_3970253400256823090_n 15622277_1563104407038938_8684608417975798313_n 15665860_1563105307038848_1328627111625552422_n

Alicante is probably one of the most beautiful small cities I have visited so far, so…don’t disregard it as a destination when you come to Spain!