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reality finally hits.

21 November 2016

So i’m sat in the library surrounded by various pieces of work, but gazing (as usual) out the window at anything and everything in a desperate attempt to escape the reality of the impending exams, I see a low flying plane go past. This, if I’m completely honest offended me slightly as I was quickly reminded that I have a rather stressful month ahead of me before I myself get to board a plane myself.

So I’ve decided to stop looking out of the window and write this post instead.. more procrastination or as I like to call it preparing my brain for eventual taking place of work…

I think for anyone on exchange at a different university it can be difficult to separate the idea of being on holiday abroad and actually being in continuation of a very serious degree. We are often told as international students that the most important thing is that we enjoy ourselves and although cliche to really “immerse ourselves in the culture”. I must admit to having more than taken this advice on board, but I am constantly reminded of the fact that this year still counts. *nervous laughter*. Just to mention the technicalities of my year abroad here, this year counts for 10% of my final degree. So although not a large proportion, I’d probably sleep slightly easier in final year knowing I’ve done well. Who am I kidding, I’ve heard 3rd year is a slap round the face!

So, in short, the next few months perhaps won’t be as exciting as my exchange has been so far, although at least it will help me appreciate the good times. (sounding like an old woman reminiscing). However I believe in a balance, and have and will sprinkle some interesting “choses à faire” over the next few weeks, especially with my birthday approaching at a scarily rapid pace.

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I went along with a few friends last week to a food market in an unusual part of Paris, inventively names “Le Food Market, but nevertheless eating is one of my favourite pass times especially as a stress-reliever.  (I promise I have other hobbies). It was such a great atmosphere and I hope to go the next time it is running, as I made the amateur mistake of going for the first thing I liked the look of (which did taste so good) and leaving no room to try the HUGE range of foods on offer. I’ve learnt my lesson.fullsizerender

So other than eating (haha), I have again been engaging in some more retail therapy. Being able to go up the escalator from the metro and see the Arc de Triomphe appear at the top of it never ceases to make me smile. Although I do, in an attempt to appear as an everyday Parisian, roll my eyes at the hoards of tourists and their selfie-sticks almost knocking me down in the process of taking the perfect photo on the Champs Elysées

I have also loved spending some time by myself in Paris at the weekends. It’s like a sign to me that I’m really starting to feel comfortable in my surroundings here and have an excellent knowledge of the metro system .. but you already knew that. But seriously I think on an exchange you can get wrapped up in thinking that you have to constantly be around people and having insane fun, but for me the quieter moments can also be memorable too and also has given me the oppoutunity to reconstruct the list of things that I still need to see here in France or indeed in Europe.
Top of that list is of course the CHRISTMAS MARKETS. There. I said it, but it’s not too soon anymore, if you aren’t feeling it yet  you are honestly in denial. I’ll say no more on the subject.

So as always I’ll leave you with a few pictures of what I’ve been up to recently (including when my parents came to visit) but my Instagram (@izziede) also has lots of pictures too!

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Notre Dame

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Cergy Port


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Le Food Market 23/24 Boulevard de Belleville

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Cergy looking quite pretty

Thanks for reading! I am actually going to do some studying now.. so bye for now

À bientôt, Bisous xx



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