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Summer Programmes

Central Plaza

23 July 2016

Today we had a much appreciated lie in, and an endless supply of toast, which was even more appreciated. We also got to play with the dogs before breakfast. Needless say it was a great morning.

After getting a taxi to Central Plaza, which Aum had called for us, we met up with Eleanor in Mcdonalds and explored Central Plaza a bit. We found an accessories shop with multitudes of cute hair clips, purses and jewellery. Eilidh and Kate got really excited when they found some hair ribbon to use. They bought a navvy ribbon each. I was tempted but wanted a brighter colour. Although after seeing it in their hair I’m tempted to just go for black so I can join in too. We then went and bought snacks and whilst filling our baskets said goodbye to Eleanor. She had to catch a bus back to her school as the last one was at 4.30.

We had planned to stay for dinner in Central Plaza as a weekend treat. Eventually we decided on The Pizza Company after Kate had mentioned pizza about a thousand times, although we did check there was something for Eilidh because she doesn’t like cheese. I know. It’s weird. I shared a pitcher of Pepsi with Hannah and chose the pan pizza with the most toppings – I wasn’t making light of this opportunity. I only managed half of it but knew that it would make a great addition to Netflix later that evening.


We then called Aum to tell a taxi driver where the school is. As much as I know we need to do things without Aum, it’s only the first weekend by ourselves!