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Summer Programmes

Ceilidh Dancing

26 July 2016

Ben was back in school today! He’s still a bit ill and still as busy as ever, so he couldn’t make it to my lessons to translate. He had to sort out papers for the midterms that G.7-12 have next week (Hannah’s and my year groups), so it’s a reasonable excuse. It does also mean that Hannah and I have no lessons from the 1st until the 3rd of August next week. It’s great because it means I don’t have to plan anything! Kate and Eilidh did invite us to spend time in their classes instead. I think it would be good to see what the English lessons in the primary school are like.

Today I marked the G.12s books for the first time! This was while in lesson though so I don’t have to worry about losing them or forgetting to give them back. I had asked them to write ten sentences, each one about a different stage of life I had written and explained on the board. I’m glad I did it because as much as the vocabulary was easy for them, it was good to challenge them to put the words into a context. It also meant I could mark their spelling and sentence order. I had to ask a couple of times for their books as they didn’t want to hand them in without finishing more sentences as most of them had only done five or so. But I got all the books eventually. While I did that in the last five minutes of the lesson (very speedy marking!), I nominated a student to be in charge of Hangman, it quickly evolved into Pictionary – a favourite game of theirs. They were still revising the vocabulary that we had looked at today from ‘life events’, so I didn’t mind.

At 2.30 we went to Eilidh’s class and taught them Ceilidh dancing. It was tons of fun to see the kids throwing themselves into it (sometimes literally).

After we’d been dancing for about 15 minutes we played games with the kids after. We did the alphabet game, where the kids are in two teams (each in a line) and have to think of a word beginning with the letter they are presented with, and then go to the back of the line. The first team to reach ‘z’ wins. My team lost. We then played Chinese ladders, it was extremely chaotic to explain, but they enjoyed running around.

After school we went and did Cardio Club. This is because we eat too many snacks whilst watching Netflix in the evenings and don’t do enough walking during the day since we live 30 seconds from the school. Today Eilidh had planned for eight stations, each were expected to cause excruciating torture. What we hadn’t planned on was my G.12s still being in the school, doing a project in the field by the stands. And therefore be able to watch us while we Cardio Clubbed for 15 minutes. At least the sunset was nice.