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22 July 2016
I’m not sure if the lack of sleep or if I was the Chang the night before was making me feel bad, but I decided to take my berry tea and pug-shaped tea dispenser into school today. According to the others, my pug tea dispenser apparently looks like a pig!

Today was our last morning with Aum. After breakfast we all got a hug and went to mope in the staff room. It was nice getting the occasional update through snapchat and messenger though. Although we did then find out that his flight was delayed from 9 until 9.50. So annoying!

So today I had my first lesson with Ben translating instead of Aum. Ben only wanted to translate when necessary, which was understandable and easier than I thought it would be. I’m glad of this as Ben didn’t stay in my classes all the time as he had stuff to do, but I was grateful when he did pop in.

At the moment I am really proud of my G.10 class as last lesson it had been difficult explaining new vocabulary to them. But today I got them to name places in the city and they seemed to understand it more. I asked them to look for words in their dictionaries in groups of three, and to then write the words they had found on the board. By the end of the task most of the class had got up and written a word on there. Going through all the words there were only one or two words they hadn’t spelt correctly or did not understand. Although this may mean that it was too easy for them, as a revision topic, it is good that they can recall the knowledge. I also got them to practice their annunciation, as they don’t always manage hard sounds.


Funny moments in that lesson were when I had to explain what a club was (even my mentor did not know), and when the boys got excited after I told them that there were casinos in England as gambling is illegal in Thailand.

Aum messaged us telling us what food we had for lunch before we even sat down. It made us laugh, but it was almost as if he was still here.