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Internships and Placements

2018 Summer Placement Send Off

23 May 2018

Students doing conservation degrees are expected to complete a summer placement where they work on site or in a museum. Masters students are expected to do a minimum of eight weeks and bachelors students are expected to complete a minimum of four weeks. This provides them with practical hands on experience in a setting outside of the lab here at Cardiff. Students come away with increased confidence and a better understanding of the realities of working in a museum structured environment or what is actually possible when doing conservation on an archaeological dig site. Next semester students will give short presentations of the work they’ve done during the summer to their lecturers and peers and hopefully we will be  posting about the placements here on the blog as well. This year our students will be working with the following institutions:


Eleanor Moxon (BSc 2nd year)Wiltshire and Swindon history centre in Chippenham, England (5 weeks)

Jake Howe (BSc 2nd year) – working with the National Trust at a variety of historic sites in South Wales (4 weeks)

Natalie Ioannou (BSc 2nd year) – Museum of Zoology, Cambridge in England (6 weeks)

Emily Franks (BSc 3rd year) – the national Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia (4 weeks)

Katheryn Schronk (graduating) – will continue on to complete SEAHA CDT at UCL (MRes) and Oxford (PhD) in the Preservation of Geological Collections (4 years total). She will be looking into the effects of formic and acetic acids on the collections a the National Museum Wales Cardiff, and possibly those at Oxford University Natural History Museum.

Rebecca Hâf (graduating) – will continue on to complete MSc Care of Collections at Cardiff University. During the summer she will be working with The Egypt Centre in Swansea, Wales.

Mary Lawrence (graduating) – will continue on to complete MSc Computer Science at University of Birmingham

Aly Singh (MSc) – Brecknock Museum in Wales (4 weeks), Çatalhöyük in Turkey (4-5 weeks)

Sara Bohuch (MSc) – Çatalhöyük in Turkey (4-5 weeks), Museum of London in England (4 weeks)

Sarah Dunn (MSc) – Queensland Museum in Australia (8 weeks)

Rafail Evzonas (MSc) – Institute of Aegean Prehistory in Greece (8 weeks)

Mandy Garratt (MSc) – working with Simon Moore, a freelance Natural History Conservator, based in Whitchurch, Hampshire, England (8 weeks)

Kristjana Vilhjalmsdottir (MSc)Çatalhöyük  in Turkey (4 weeks), the Vasa Museum in Sweden (4 weeks), and the University Museum of Bergen in Norway (4 weeks)

Katya Madrid (MSc) – The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology in the United States (5 weeks), National Museum of Wales (4 weeks).


The masters students who will be graduating this year will remain at Cardiff completing their dissertations. If you are interested in the topics being covered you can find them here.


I personally cannot wait to hear all about everyone’s summer. There will be so many exciting adventures!