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Student CELP Blog Posts 2022/23

Sustainable coal mining? Revisiting the public’s perception of coal mining in Wales

Kian Yew Nah

“In my lifetime renewable energy has seemed like the inevitable direction for our national energy policy. As a result, the concept of ‘coal mining’ has seemed antiquated and counter-intuitive to our national vision for a low-carbon future. However, a recent discussion framing the possibility of a ‘sustainable Welsh coal mining industry’ within the context of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 has led me to revisit the public’s perception of coal mining in Wales.”

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Embracing Clean Tech Developments: How Going Beyond Traditional Approaches Can Deliver the Objectives of the Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015

“The climate difficulties the world faces are not slowing down, yet the key to the future can be found in green technology. This blog will take you through a range of green technologies that could be implemented in Wales. The blog will also discuss the relationship between potential green technology alternatives and the objectives of the Future Generations Act.”

Kinga Plata, Olivia Wen Xi Ong, Angela Lim, Joseph Semmens and Melissa James.
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Slow the Flow. Shifting Accountability Further Upstream

“Introduced by the Victorians, storm overflow valves were initially designed as a failsafe mechanism that would only be used in exceptional circumstances. However, we are witnessing an increasing amount of sewage pollution from storm overflow discharges. The Government has recently published the Storm Overflow Discharge Reduction Plan to tackle the issue, but concerns remain”

Megan Parker Williams and Sol Withers
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Blogging for Change : Raising Awareness About Butterfly Conservation

“Cottagecore, under-the-sea siren and fairycore are just some of the trending social media aesthetics that have come to dominate Gen Z culture, art, and fashion. Many of these trends, like past art movements, take inspiration from nature. Butterflies have often been a feature of such movements, representing womanhood, marriage, and rebirth. However, in addition to their symbolic value, butterflies perform an important role in the ecosystem. Consequently, the recent decline of butterfly population and diversity is worrisome. The following blog will explore the COP 15 response and the impact of pesticides on butterfly populations in Europe and the United Kingdom.”

Vishnusri Palanisamy Sumithralakshmiv
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How are Carbon Emission Schemes Working to Reach the Goals Laid out in the Kyoto Agreement?

“The overall aim of the Kyoto Agreement was to commit industrialised nations to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions rate, and has since been cited as one of the most significant environmental treaties ever enacted. Some of the measures recommended by the Agreement relate to carbon emission schemes, which have become particularly topical in British politics following the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. The schemes benefit the environment by providing participants with a financial incentive to reduce their carbon emissions. However, no commercial exchange is without risk. The following blog will broadly assess the effectiveness of carbon emission schemes in achieving the goals laid out in the Kyoto Agreement.”

Maja Wojczak and Harriet Masterman
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The Unspoken Impacts of Water Pollution

Arwa Al Zadjali
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