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About the Student Division of the Centre of Environmental Law and Policy (CELP)

Cardiff University’s Student Division of the Centre of Environmental Law and Policy (CELP) is a new student-led offshoot of the research centre. The division is currently led and administered by postgraduate researcher Jade Jones. The division meets regularly every month to collaborate on research projects and discuss recent developments in environmental law and politics. Currently members have divided into smaller writing groups and are working on blog posts which will be published in February 2023. See the Student CELP blog page and events page to keep up to date with all recent activity.

Our Members


Jade Jones

Jade Jones is a postgraduate researcher at Cardiff University. Jade’s doctoral thesis is focused on the development of a legally binding and cross-jurisdictional network of Arctic marine protected areas (MPAs). Research interests include Polar Law, Law of the Sea and Indigenous Peoples Rights. Jade is a member of the Centre of Environmental Law and Policy, a student fellow at the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Centre and research intern at the Arctic Institute – Centre for Circumpolar Security Studies.

Cihan Burak Sancak – People – Cardiff University

Student Members

Member profiles pending.

Current projects

Student Blog Posts publication in February 2023

Topics to be discussed by blog posts include:

  • Clean Technology and the precautionary principle
  • A comparative review of the Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme and the Clean Development Mechanism
  • Law and policy related to the protection of phytoplankton
  • An analysis of the Government’s Storm Overflow Discharge Reduction Plan
  • International case studies of environmental injustices
  • Sustainable coal mining? Revisiting the public’s perception of coal mining in Wales
  • Coastal pollution in the UK

Upcoming Events

Spring Student CELP Symposium March 2023

The Spring Student CELP Symposium will be an opportunity for Student CELP members to present their research on blog posts to a larger audience of CELP members, academics and interested students.

To see past events see Student CELP events page.