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Scar and scarf

28 March 2018

4 photos to represent part of my journey through surgery for thyroid cancer.








Photo 1 –
Before diagnosis I felt healthy and did not realise there was anything wrong.

When I heard the news I was shocked, anxious and low.

A friend helped by arranging a second medical opinion for me.

Photo 2 –
Following surgery I was anxious about the symptoms I was experiencing such as loss of voice from temporary vocal nerve bruising.

Once I started recovering I became anxious about the scar on my neck.

Friends and family came to the hospital and helped me at home initially.

Photo 3 –
I was conscious of my scar for a while, worrying people would notice it and judge me as an unhealthy person.

I started covering my neck with scarves, necklaces and polo necks.

Friends even bought me scarves.

Photo 4 –
Feeling better again, scar fading, not covering neck and health less on mind.

Back to normal life and time with friends and family. Although not feeling quite as invincible as I was prior to diagnosis and treatment.