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20 March 2018


Healing with Gold


I didnt hate my left breast, I still loved her.                                              

She was part of me and I dreaded losing her forever.

She would be resurrected from the ashes, like the Phoenix.                  

Thats what I called her, the new one, Phoenix.

My spirit had to become the Phoenix too.

From being broken down I had to rise high.

Well, I didnt have to, but I chose to. I chose to look to the light above me.

Im being healed with gold, like the art of Kintsugi.

What was broken will be more beautiful.

I love my new body, she tells the story of a warrior.

My body is my life and my friend, not my enemy,

and beautiful despite the changes.

I was given a second chance,

And Im in awe of how strangers mended me.

They are forever a part of me now.

As I grow from the broken cracks, healing with gold,

There will be a day that I will be at peace,

The pain an echo only.

It’s a day I long for.


Adriana, breast cancer survivor

Adriana has also set up a new Breast Cancer Art platform, connecting women across the world