Research Talk from Tanya Tkacukova, Aston University

There is an upcoming talk in the CLCR Research Seminar Series which is likely to be of interest to CaLL members.  Here are the details.  It will be great to see you there:

Wednesday, 23 October 2012 (Week 4) 1pm – 2pm

Room 3.58, John Percival Building

Communication needs of litigants in person

Dr Tanya Tkacukova

Aston University



The talk presents communicative challenges litigants in person experience when representing themselves in court. In light of recent legislative changes and cuts in legal aid in England and Wales, the number of litigants in person has risen dramatically. Nevertheless, there has not been much research conducted on litigation in person from the legal perspective, let alone the linguistic point of view. The talk presents this under-researched topic and aims to provide an overview of communicative and linguistic problems litigants in person experience during opening and closing speeches, witness examination, interaction with judges and opposing counsels. The talk also identifies further research options that can potentially help lawyers and the judiciary in the debate on changes of legal proceedings for litigants in person. The data draws on several widely publicised cases and small claims cases from England and Wales and the USA.

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