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Things to share during Zoom Play Session

29 September 2020

Screen sharing

  • White board is in Screen sharing.
  • Annotate with text, drawings, etc
  • Save screen- button on right of Annotate
  • Clear annotations – host can clear own, others, all…
  • Can share files: e.g. a Powerpoint presentation for plenary
    • Annotation also possible on documents
  • Can sharing co-working document (OneDrive, perhaps)
    • Share a link through chat, perhaps
    • You can share screen as others edit.
  • Sharing Sound too if you want to show video.
  • Be aware that only the application used (Browser/Powerpoint) is shared
  • Thus if you move applications, your viewers cannot see your screen.
  • Advanced screen sharing – you can allow all participants to share screen. Useful if you are putting people in breakout rooms.

Breakout Room

  • Creating rooms – vary the number of rooms to vary the number of participants – up to 50 rooms are possible
  • Host and co-hosts can moving from room to room
  • Host can broadcast to all – at bottom of Breakout Rooms list.
  • Host can go to Breakout rooms to answer calls for help.
  • When you close room, there is a warning to members. Default delay is 60 seconds.
  • Can re-open rooms with same groups or re-form for new groups.
  • Text Chat within Breakout rooms is only in those rooms – not shared with everyone in the meeting!

Virtual backgrounds

  • Can be useful to protect other people in a room (minors especially)
  • Can be useful to prevent sharing of the room you are in.
  • Can be difficult depending on software etc.
  • Done through Preferences in Zoom App.

Some extra things:

  • Chat can be saved as text.
  • You can temporatry unmute with Spacebar
  • Host can record – will save video to local hard drive.
  • Do you have a picture of yourself if you’re not showing video? This is done through the online Preferences. It is useful and probably nice for other participants.
  • Participants window can be used for polling and gives host and co-host a count of yes, no and other…
  • Polls must be allowed in advance. Can only be edited by the person who creates the meeting. Set up and edited on web browser.

Q: what happens to white boards if you close Breakout rooms.

Zoom Online tutorials available here:

Cardiff University Bite size online videos here:

If you want to learn more about using Zoom, free online Liberating Structures workshops are available. The Cardiff/London meetings are every month. More information here.