Aliens and spaceships spotted in the Arctic!

Posted on 15 June 2021 by Charlotte Gehrke

By the Polar Alien Hunters An arresting tabloidesque headline perhaps, but one that is rooted in fact. The aliens are non-native species and the spaceships they travel on are the ships and airplanes that traverse the world, bringing scientists, tourists and trade to the Arctic ocean. These aliens can gain passage in many ways; often
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Interview: Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz talks about his work on the new documentary ‘Meltdown’

Posted on 22 February 2021 by Charlotte Gehrke

The documentary Meltdown features climate communication expert Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz and renowned photographer Lynn Davis, as they explore the impacts of the climate crisis through the lens of art and science. Directed by Fred Golding (On the Mat) and produced by Mike Tollin (The Last Dance), the film shows magnificent footage of Greenland’s icebergs and glaciers. We
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Klaus © Netflix.

Klaus – A (spoiler-free) Review

Posted on 21 December 2020 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Samuel Capper Sergio Pablos’ Klaus follows Jesper, an over-privileged and selfish postal worker trying to earn his way back home after being sent to the northern town of Smeerensburg, “the unhappiest place on Earth”, whose inhabitants are locked in a generational feud. With hope of establishing a working postal office fading, Jesper encounters the mysterious woodsman
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Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week

Posted on 2 November 2020 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Amber Kraft Only one winner will emerge. Contestants go head-to-head and winning is at the mercy of the participating audience. There are no rules for voting. Some looked at the amount of gain, some focused on overall girth and some couldn’t get past the mammoth “Beardonkadonk” present. This was the event of the season
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Revisiting Arctic History

Posted on 22 September 2020 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Christian Drury In Britain, you are never far from the legacy of empire. The recent protests as part of the wider Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted systemic inequalities in British society and the role of the British empire and slavery in forming them. This includes the prevalence of monuments to empire and imperialists
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