The Arctic Circle expansion

Posted on 11 October 2019 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Beate Steinveg Since its establishment in 2013, with the purpose of including all interested stakeholders in the dialogue on the future of the Arctic, the Arctic Circle’s outreach and scope has grown impressively. More than 2000 participants from 60 different countries attend the 2019 Assembly. The Arctic Circle organization also continues its global expansion
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Exploring Arctic Connections

Posted on 25 September 2019 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Luke and Hazel Robertson A journey millennia old – deeply rooted in nature and connected with the natural cycles of the seasons. Far above the Arctic Circle, anticipation is building. Struggling to be heard above the sound of rumbling snowmobiles and clanging bells, human voices deliver sharp instructions to one another. During a lunch
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Black carbon is not cool

Posted on 4 September 2019 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Carol Devine Last minute in the late summer of 2017, I joined an all-female sailing expedition to circumnavigate Scotland called eXXpedition, with the two Xs to indicate the female related to our goal to look at toxins including endocrine disruptors in our global environment that can cause disease, as well as to explore the
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Polar bear microbiota in a changing world

Posted on 20 August 2019 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Sophie Watson As one of the most ice-dependent Arctic marine mammals, polar bears (Ursus maritimus) are an iconic species of climate change. The media is peppered with evidence of the damaging effects of climate change on this sentinel species, often citing habitat loss, shifts in prey availability/abundance, and transitions in inter-species interactions. We know
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Introducing IASC

Posted on 19 July 2019 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Allen Pope. The Arctic is a huge natural laboratory offering a surprising diversity of research possibilities in every branch of science. The International Arctic Science Committee’s (IASC) mission is to encourage and facilitate cooperation in all aspects of Arctic research, in all countries engaged in Arctic research, and all areas of the Arctic region. For
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Recent Developments in Arctic Maritime Constabulary Forces: Canadian and Norwegian Perspectives

Posted on 13 June 2019 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Timothy Choi Within ongoing discussions on the state of Arctic geopolitics and prospects for continued interstate cooperation, a prominent variable has been the changes in Arctic states’ respective military power. Foremost amongst this has been the observation that all five Arctic coastal states have been procuring maritime forces dedicated to operations in Arctic waters,
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Marine Mammals in the Military

Posted on 5 June 2019 by Charlotte Gehrke

By Charlotte Gehrke In April 2019, a beluga whale wearing a harness with a label reading ‘Equipment St. Petersberg’ was repeatedly spotted in Norwegian waters. This headline appeared only a few weeks after almost 100 beluga whales and orcas captured and held by a Russian fishery were released back into the wild. The whale, who has since
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