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Meeting updates

UEB 28 September 2015

28 September 2015
  • UEB were brought up to date on the continuing work on student safety advice and reassurance in light of sexual assaults that had taken place in the Cathays area.
  • It was noted that two out of the three parts of the Academic Staff Orientation Programme for new academic staff had been delivered with positive feedback received.
  • It was noted that the University had risen 26 places in the Times Higher Education World University rankings from 208th to 182nd and that being in the top 200 universities should bring benefits internationally.

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor monthly report. The DVC report thanked all those involved in the new confirmation and clearing process in August, noted the success of the system and that an appropriate number of students had been admitted.  The report also noted the session on the estates master plan that had taken with a number of Welsh MPs and AMs to ensure good communications about Cardiff University’s estates plans with local politicians.
  • Innovation System update. The report updated on recent activity.  It also noted that Professor Gillian Bristow and Professor Kim Graham have both accepted an invitation to join the Innovation System Steering Group following their recent appointments to the positions of Dean of Research for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Biomedical Life Sciences respectively. Professor Ian Hargreaves will also be joining the Steering Group with immediate effect, representing the creative economy area.
  • Report on Engagement activities. The report updated on each of the flagship engagement projects and on engagement activities with the Welsh and UK government. It also noted that websites for all projects have been launched –;;;; (Strong Communities, Healthier People and Community Gateway have agreed to develop a shared work plan for 2015-17 and to explore opportunities for collaboration post 2017).
  • Research and Innovation monthly report. The report provided an update on key current and future research and innovation activities and associated performance measures.
  • Chief Operating Officer’s monthly report. The report included updates from each of the corporate Professional Services Departments.
  • Estates projects update.
  • College of Biomedical and Life Sciences monthly report. The noted that the College is progressing collaboration with Capital Medical University in China with a visit taking place at the end of September. A College visit to Leuven is planned for November to progress research and educational collaborations. Oman research collaborations are progressing with a further visit scheduled for November.
  • Director of Communications and Marketing monthly report & forward planning document. Noted current media relations and campaigns.
  • Report on International and European activities.