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Cardiff Futures

2 February 2015

Cardiff Futures is the Vice-Chancellor’s development programme and is an opportunity for academic staff to develop their career paths and to help contribute to shaping the future of the University.  The programme runs for a year and includes a group project each of which has a sponsor.  It’s a great pleasure to be the sponsor on two projects this year.  One is looking at equality and diversity across the University while the other is looking at sustainability in the widest sense across the University. There is commonality between the projects in that both groups wanted to start by looking at the data and the statistics but we have a lot of that already and it can be very frustrating just looking at the data and saying we’re doing well or we’re not doing so well so the groups have agreed that they are going to focus on world-wide best practice and then we can see what we might be able to adopt in these two important areas here.  Watch this space!  I look forward to seeing what improvements they propose that we consider introducing.