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Meeting updates

UEB 29 September 2014

29 September 2014
  • UEB received a report on The Way Forward: Making it Happen workshops that ran during 2013/14. The report summarised the findings of a review, based on an analysis of the outputs, an online survey, a focus group and some one-to-one follow up interviews. Overall the workshops had been a success in terms of getting staff to engage with the strategy and how they could help to achieve it. The workshops had been viewed positively by the Investors in People assessment team. It was agreed that future attendees should be encouraged to take actions for change in a local context and not necessarily commence new projects or bring forward actions for UEB. It was noted that only a small cohort of the University’s staff population had attended the workshops and there is the need to increase participation in less well represented groups. While staff will be able to self-nominate to attend future workshops, it would be helpful for discussions to take place with Heads of School to ensure those staff who would not self-nominate and would benefit from attending, were encouraged to do so.
  • UEB received an update on institutional safety, health and environmental performance, including an outline of the ongoing re-certification process and progress with regards to staff health and wellbeing services. The University’s overall performance was improving in this area. It was noted that a GP surgery was being set up on the ground floor of the University’s Health Centre to be available this academic year for both students and staff. A full report would be received by UEB in November 2014.  

UEB received the following regular reports

  • Estates Projects Update
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • PVC Student Experience and Academic Standards Monthly Report
  • PVC Biomedical & Life Sciences Monthly Report
  • PVC College of Physical Sciences & Engineering Monthly Report