Climbing trees, stereotypes, and a weekend course

Two online articles have been published in the past few months.

Climbing Trees and Raising Children with Simone de Beauvoir is a short article at the New Statesman website that argues for an existentialist approach to parenting based on Beauvoir’s moral philosophy and analyses of childhood and motherhood.

Against Type is a longer essay at Aeon magazine that argues for a range of contributions that a renewed attention to existentialism can make to the psychology and ethics of stereotyping and implicit bias.

Jonathan Webber will be presenting ideas from Rethinking Existentialism at a weekend course in January 2020 in Oxford. The course will feature talks by Kate Kirkpatrick, author of Becoming Beauvoir, an important new philosophical biography being published in August 2019.

Screenshot from New Statesman website 11th May 2019.