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Maryam Lotfi

Maryam Lotfi

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Researching modern slavery and social sustainability in the supply chains: “Walk the Talk” approach

Posted on 13 March 2024 by Maryam Lotfi

As I prepare for my funded projects in Bangladesh and South Africa in 2024, I find it valuable to reflect on my inaugural field research trip in 2022 and share […]

The Anti-Slavery Wales 2023 conference, a collaborative initiative orchestrated by Cardiff Business School in partnership with the Welsh Government, proved to be an unequivocal triumph.

Posted on 10 December 2023 by Maryam Lotfi

Convened on October 18th at Cardiff Business School to coincide with Anti-Slavery Day, the event served as a pivotal gathering for diverse stakeholders, encompassing representatives from the public, private, and […]

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Journey through Supply Chain Social Sustainability

Posted on 16 November 2023 by Maryam Lotfi

In the dynamic landscape of business education,  Cardiff Business School has been pioneering a transformative approach to supply chain management. At the heart of this evolution is the ground-breaking "Supply […]