Dreams Workshop

Posted on 11 August 2016 by Hayley Moulding

March 2016 saw me being fortunate enough to be crowned the winner of the Gold Zone on the online, science engagement project I’m a Scientist Get Me out of Here! This programme is a phenomenal way to engage in science discussion, chat and whimsical wonderings with primary school students from all over the UK. From
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Alzheimer’s cure or incurable hype?

Posted on 29 July 2016 by Professor Petroc Sumner

Yesterday many newspapers claimed a major breakthrough in dementia treatment: “Scientists create first drug to halt Alzheimer’s’” (The Times); “Scientists discover first drug to halt brain decline in Alzheimer’s” (The Sun). Is this true, or is it yet another exaggerated false hope for patients and their families? Digging in the detail will reveal no clear
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