Month: March 2017

Living well with dementia

Posted on 30 March 2017 by Dr Alexandra Hillman

Dementia is a term that covers a wide range of different conditions and every person with dementia experiences illness and the challenges it brings in different ways. While prevention and successful treatment of dementia remain elusive, finding ways to live well with dementia are important goals for individuals and their families and this is increasingly
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The carer’s rollercoaster

Posted on 14 March 2017 by George Drummond

George Drummond talks about life as a carer, coping strategies and an innovative care solution. There are around 670,000 carers of people with dementia in the UK, often close family members who desperately want to do more but often feel helpless as they watch their loved one experience a devastating loss of identity and eventually
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University mental health day and safe talk

Posted on 2 March 2017 by Jo Pinder

Today is University Mental Health Day and there are lots of crucial themes around students’ wellbeing that deserve public discussion on this day. Students can encounter a huge variety of different social, academic and cultural stressors whilst at University, and mental health difficulties can often result, or may already be in existence. Poor mental health
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