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Digimap: ‘MasterMap Download’ – temporarily unavailable

31 January 2011

Work being undertaken by the University of Edinburgh will affect the availability of Digimap’s MasterMap Download facility from Friday 4th to Monday 7th February 2011.

MasterMap Download will be unavailable from 4pm on Friday 4 February until 12 noon on Monday 7 February and will continue to be at risk for the remainder of Monday 7th. We would encourage anyone wishing to take data for use the following week to take it prior to Friday 4th February.

While the maintenance work may be completed over the weekend, there is further software maintenance to be undertaken by EDINA following the University’s works. Currently it is difficult to estimate the length of time this will take, which is why MasterMap Download should be regarded as “at risk” for the remainder of Monday 7th February.

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