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Knights Templar

Update: Walter le Baud’s accounts for the Templars’ estates in Herts. and Essex, January to February 1308

23 February 2016

Walter le Baud year one Essex and Herts

The fields around Temple Sutton, Essex. Photo: N2 Productions

Update: I’ve transcribed Walter le Baud’s accounts for the Templars’ former lands in Hertfordshire and Essex. These accounts cover the first month after the arrest of the Templars, so they present a snapshot of the estates at the point that the Templars stopped running them. It is unlikely that the sheriff changed anything in the brief time that he oversaw these estates, so his accounts show the estates as they would have been when the Templars were in charge.

Update on 9 June 2016: Having compared these accounts to the accounts of the sheriff who followed Walter, I’ve made some corrections to the file: Walter’s stotti are affers (draught horses) and he left out the bull at Dinsley.