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Knights Templar

The Templars at Bristol

13 January 2016

Keepers accounts for Bristol 1309-13 in full Everyone who has ever travelled through Bristol Temple Meads is aware that the Templars owned land in Bristol, and Beatrice Lees’s edition of the Templars’ 1185 Inquest revealed how extensive their lands on the south bank of the Avon here were. The custodian’s accounts from 1310-13 don’t give much detail of the Templars’ property here, which are descrbed as a main dwelling house with a courtyard and garden, but they do give the names of some of the tenants. In November 1313 the property was handed over to the Hospitallers. The accounts mention that some of the rent was not paid and that the king had ordered an investigation into this, but doesn’t explain that the reason for non-payment was obvious. More about this in the post Bristol is revolting!