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Knights Templar

Cover and blurb

21 February 2017

So here is the publisher’s front cover for the book; and here is the blurb:
Everyday Life of the Templars
The lives of the medieval Templars seem hidden and mysterious. Helen Nicholson reveals their everyday world set out in early 14th-century records. The records of the Templars’ estates show us how they operated, the men and women who worked for them on their lands and houses, their tenants and the people who owed them money. We can see what animals they kept, from warhorses to plough animals, with cattle, pigs and flocks of sheep. The accounts record fields of grain or hay, meadow and woodland, mills and fishponds. Drawing on these records, along with archaeological evidence and the Templars’ own regulations, Nicholson sets out to reconstruct how the Templars lived from day-to-day. The Everyday Life of the Templars: The Knight Templars at Home is a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of these pious men, who were not powerful nobles or great churchmen, yet held great influence in medieval Europe.