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8 Cardiff Societies you need to Join

27 Ionawr 2021

Societies are one of the best parts about university life, and with Cardiff University having over 300 of them, you will be spoilt for choice. While some may appeal to you more than others, it is a great idea to try out as many as possible as you never know who you will meet, and what new things you may discover. From the weird to the wonderful, here are 10 societies that you should definitely consider joining:

30 Minute Society

Spontaneous and willing to drop everything to get to a secret location in under half and hour? Then this society is for you. As the name suggests, 30 minute society organises a number of social events throughout the year, however the location and nature of these socials are kept secret until 30 minutes before. Offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic events, the society has done everything from burrito making competitions to giant icebreakers at local bars around Cardiff. The society was even nominated for Best New Society at the Societies Ball 2019.

Louis Theroux Society

For all the Louis lovers out there, you have found your calling. The Louis Theroux society celebrates all things Theroux with a number of events such as documentary screenings and quiz nights hosted across the year. Meet your fellow superfans as you gush over the Beyoncé of the journalism world.

Baking Society

The baking society welcomes those of all baking abilities whether you are a novice or of full-on Mary Berry standard. Meeting every fortnight for a real-life bake-off, you can put your skills to the test and consume more cake than you can dream as you get to try out everyone else’s glorious creations. The winner receives the prestigious ‘golden spoon’ and bragging rights for the rest of their uni days.

Plant Society

Plants are a necessity in any student’s house so whether you are a full-time plant mum or are still a bit hesitant about taking on the responsibility of a little green friend, this could be the society for you. Offering creative opportunities and travel to local beauty spots, the Plant Society also allows members to get involved with community outreach programmes where you could help maintain local green spaces in Cardiff.

Wine and Cheese Society

A must for all wine and cheese lovers out there – this is the society that keeps it classy. Working with various restaurants and wineries around Cardiff, members have the chance to take part in a variety of wine tastings. With no previous experience needed, you will learn all there is about the art of being a sommelier and ultimately just have a great time.

Wet Dippers Wild Swimming Society

Said to be brilliant for your mental health, wild water swimming can offer a number of fantastic benefits. Twice a month, members of the Wet Dippers Wild Swimming Society travel to different, somewhat cooler waters around Wales (and sometimes further afield) for a good old dip. Said to be the first society of its kind in the country, this is a great opportunity to experience something completely unique.

CU Pride (LGBT+ Society)

The completely inclusive LGBTQ+ society welcomes members of every background. As one of the most active societies at Cardiff, there are socials to suit everybody’s likes and interests including quiz nights, clubbing and trips away. Members can even upgrade their membership to get a Pulse card which ensures free entry to Cardiff’s biggest gay nightclub.

Harry Potter Society

Whether you are a dedicated Potter-Head, casual fan, or simply just intrigued, the Harry Potter Society has a place for everyone. Beginning with an official sorting ceremony at the start of the year to organise members into their official houses (proud Hufflepuff right here), members meet once a week for regular socials. If cocktails, quizzing, and Harry Potter doesn’t sound good to you then I don’t know what does. And if this isn’t enough HP content for you, you can even join the Quidditch Society where yes, they play actual Quidditch (minus the flying broomsticks of course).