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How to: Meditate

How to: Meditate

Postiwyd ar 18 Ebrill 2020 gan Rowenna

These are troubling times, and feeling stress and anxiety is normal in situations like these. It can feel crushing, but you can manage these feelings with meditation if you know how. You may groan at this, but […]

A new chapter

Postiwyd ar 12 Mehefin 2018 gan Tamzin

I am trying to look for a part time job over summer so I can pay rent for my new flat where I will be living when I start my […]

10 Things I’ve Learnt Throughout Second Year

10 Things I’ve Learnt Throughout Second Year

Postiwyd ar 29 Mai 2018 gan Gee

Despite part time work and two weeks of work experience ahead, I am finally able to sit back and relax for the summer. Second year went ridiculously quick, it seems […]

End of year stress

Postiwyd ar 27 Mai 2018 gan Tamzin

Last week I had three exams, this is the most amount of exams I have had over the past three years in exam period. I had to endure Monday, Wednesday […]

Exam venues

Postiwyd ar 26 Mai 2018 gan Tamzin

Exam venues make me more stressed than some of my actual exams. Not just the layout and echo of a crowded hall, but the fear of forgetting your student card, […]

Revision tips for 6th form students

Revision tips for 6th form students

Postiwyd ar 25 Mai 2018 gan Gee

My second year studying Journalism and Communications at Cardiff University has come to an end. Though I am so relieved and grateful to be back at home, it has come […]



Postiwyd ar 15 Ebrill 2018 gan Gee

We are finally in our last run towards the end of University for the 2017/18 academic year. The end of our Easter breaks brings us back to three more teaching […]