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Staying Fit at University

16 Ebrill 2020

As the saying goes – a healthy mind is a healthy body.

Whilst it’s easy to get sucked in to the cyclical student lifestyle of pizza binging and snack indulging, this is (I regrettably have to say) not the best thing for your health. Don’t worry, I certainly do not lead the most active, health-focused lifestyle and am certainly partial to a take-away or two however, it is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle for the sake of not just your well-being, but your ability to focus on uni work too.   

There are plenty of benefits to keeping on top of your fitness. Some of these include, increased feelings of happiness, energy levels, and improved memory; the perfect combination for tackling those upcoming deadlines.

So what are some of the ways to get fit amongst your busy student schedule of lectures, library sessions and social time?   

Join a Gym

The university has a number of sports facilities dotted around campus including four sports centres with fully equipped gyms and studios. The sports training village is even located right in middle of the first year accommodation area of Talybont North, making it perfect for getting into a healthy routine right from the start.

If not, Cardiff city centre also has many gyms which are popular with students. Some start at just £11 a month so getting your exercise is budget-friendly too!

Join a Sports Team

Cardiff University has over 60 sports clubs which cater to a range of interests. Football, Rugby, and Netball, of course are there, but why not try something new?

Caving, canoeing, and kite-surfing, are just some of the less traditional sports that you easily give a go. Joining a sports team makes exercise fun, and gives you the opportunity to meet people who may become some of your best friends at university.

Home Work-outs

If you prefer to make a sweat in the comforts of your own home then this one is for you. YouTube has a ton of work out options that you can watch for free and this way, you can pick one that suits you and your mood.

Walking/Outdoor Running

As my uni building is so far away, I have to walk 25 minutes just to get to my lectures and therefore, often find myself doing anything from 10,000 – 18,000 steps a day. Although not all students will have to do this, there are plenty other places to go to get your daily steps in. Bute Park is right in the centre of Cardiff and comprises of 130 acres of land. It makes for a beautiful place to go for a stroll or run, and is a great way to de-stress.

Exercise Classes

The university also offers pay as you go exercise classes meaning you can use the sports facilities without having to commit to a full years gym membership. Classes include Zumba, Yoga and Pump, and are a good option for those who struggle with self-motivation.